PIOA Reserve Study

The PIOA Board of Directors has a reserve study completed every 2-3 years. This study is a good guideline for future projects and how that would affect the reserves. If you would like to read the 2024 reserve study please click Here.  

Swim Team

Please look for Pace Island Piranhas updates on this page for the 2024 Swim Season. For more information or to be added to the PIP Swim Team email list, please email Jackie Kroggel at PaceIslandPiranhas@gmail.com.

Highway 17 FDOT Project

FDOT is doing a project on Highway 17 that will affect Pace Island’s front entrance. Residents should be mindful of any lane closures that may happen. For more information go to FDOT’s website (https://nflroads.com/ProjectList.aspx?r=6708).